ProductTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
APILAC 510-110 Aeromin Primer White
Acrylic resin based intermediate and finishing coat for wood substrates
APILAC S260 PU Varnish
Air-drying type polyurethane-alkyd resin based enamel varnish
APILAC NC Lacquer Paint
Modified nitro-cellulose lacquer finish for wood
Modified nitro-cellulose primer for wood substrates
APILAC NC 801-881 High Build Sealer
High build modified nitro-cellulose sanding sealer for Sealing of wood surfaces prior to application of top coats
APILAC NC 230 Lacquer Clear - Matt
Modified nitro-cellulose clear matt finish for timber
APILAC NC Lacquer Clear - Super Matt
Modified nitro-cellulose clear extra matt finish for timber
APILAC S201 Zinc Chromate Primer
Air drying type modified alkyd resin based primer with zinc chromate as rust inhibitor for interior / exterior prepared ferrous surfaces
APILAC S203 Aluminium Wood Primer
Air drying type modified alkyd resin based leafing aluminium primer for prepared wood surfaces
Natural oil treatment for garden decks, furniture and wood flooring