Anti Condensation Paint

Damp, mould, and condensation can be a big problem for storage facilities. 

This is especially true for food processing and packaging plants with stringent hygiene standards, as the presence of mold and condensation poses substantial risks of contamination.

Conventional “anti-mould” paints use biocides (toxins) to stop mould from forming on the paint’s surface.

Barring aside the problems of toxicity, biocides can only curb mould growth temporarily.

As long as the underlying cause of the problem (freely available water on surfaces) remains untreated, the mould will return eventually once the biocides loses its effectiveness.

A more effective approach is to avoid wet walls, drop-formation or water-logged building structures in the first place.


What is No-Sweat FX?

  • No Sweat-FX is a water based, white color paint-like coating that prevents condensation from forming on cold and dual temperature surfaces.
  • No Sweat-FX works as a result of a reaction that continually adsorbs and desorbs water vapour through it’s linked micro-cells. Water vapour in the air continually cycles in and out of the coating and does not build up to form condensation.
  • No Sweat-FX does not promote the growth of fungus, mould, or mildew. It is resistant to mild acids, alkali, detergents, mineral spirits, acetone, esters, potash, and ammonium nitrate.
  • No Sweat-FX does not provide any thermal insulation and is not a vapour barrier.
  • No Sweat-FX is easy to apply and touch up like paint and prevents condensation without maintenance.
  • No Sweat-FX is ideal for cold pipes, walls, ceilings, beams, metal buildings, switch gear enclosures, pumps, water tanks, window frames, HVAC ducts, etc.
  • No Sweat-FX is acceptable for use in agricultural, dairy, meat, fish, and poultry processing facilities, and military, government, and hospital construction projects.
  • No Sweat-FX adheres well to most materials including steel, PVC, concrete, aluminum, copper, polypropylene, paint, and wood.

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