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LUCKU NC Aerosol Spray Paint
Acrylic modified nitro-cellulose aerosol spray paint
LUCKU Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint
Acrylic resin based aerosol spray paint

Ordering Customized Spray Paint Colors

Step 1 - Provide Reference

Even standard colors like RAL can look a bit different from different sources.

Have a preferred color reference you want us to follow? Simply loan us a color reference panel.

Step 2 - Confirmation

If required, we can spray a sample piece for confirmation after producing the wet paint.

We can make any necessary color adjustments for your approval process with your client.

Step 3 - Canning

Upon confirmation, we put the wet paint into the spray cans and package them for delivery.

Kindly note that further color adjustments will not be possible after the canning process.

Step 4 - Ready to Use

Ready to work on your project!

If you foresee repeat orders, inform your sales representative to keep a record of your color.

Otherwise, simply provide us with the color reference again when you wish to make another order.

Did You Know?

LUCKU is one of Singapore’s Heritage Brands!

LUCKU aerosol spray paint was formulated by Mr Quek Soo Keng, the former owner of Hiap Teck Tong Kee Pte Ltd back in the 1960s. Mr Quek was a distributor for British Paints Limited, and would sometimes undertook self-improvisation on the paints he sold on request of his customers.

In 1965, he hit jackpot and formulated a perfect blend of paint suitable to be used in aerosol spray cans. Mr Quek would purchase paint, process it, can the mixture into spray cans, and sell it as the first and only locally manufactured spray paint. And thus LUCKU was born, named after the Hokkien phrase “Luck Gu”, which means “hot-in-demand”.

LUCKU lived up to its name, and quickly rose to become the market leader in aerosol spray paints. Riding on its success, Mr Quek distributed the product wholesale to hardware shops and paint shops around Singapore. Customers would buy the product to spray paint their bicycles, motorcycles, metal gates, fences, and a wide range of tin and metal items, which was very common at that time. LUCKU was such a resounding success that imitation products started appearing, similar in look and packaging.

Unfortunately, in the 1980s, Hiap Teck Tong Kee was badly affected by financial woes. The recession did not help, and Mr Quek suffered multiple bad debts, especially from major customers in the construction industry, which was hit the hardest. In 1989, Mr Quek decided to sell cut his losses, sell the company and retire.

On 1 March 1989, Asia Standard Industries Pte Ltd decided to buy over Hiap Teck Tong Kee Pte Ltd, and all rights to the LUCKU formulation, as well as its brand and trademark. Hiap Teck Tong Kee Pte Ltd was later renamed to Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd on 27 September 1994, and operates till today.

As the first step to reviving the company and brand, Asia Paint purchased new equipment and machinery to boost the productivity of the workers, and gradually trimmed the number of ineffective retailers to control costs, and reign in price levels that product was sold at.

By implementing several improvements to its formulation using updated paint technologies and knowledge, switching to using only the best quality metal cans and spray nozzles, and environmentally friendly DME propellant gas instead of CFC, Asia Paint managed to bring LUCKU back to the top of the mind of industrial customers.

Till today, LUCKU remains the number one brand in locally manufactured customized spray paint, continuing to faithfully serve the industrial sector of Singapore, remaining truly “LUCKU”.

Customized Colors

Can't find the colour you want in our colour cards?

Don't worry, we specialize in colour matching services!