For Metal

ProductSpecification DataSafety Data Sheet
APM Etch Primer
APM Hammertone Enamel
APM PU Hammertone Finish
APM HR 600 Heat Resistant Paint
APM Quick Dry Industrial Paint
APM High Build Industrial Lacquer
APM PU 522 Enamel
APM PU 621 Enamel
APM PU 622 Enamel
APM PU 629 Enamel
APM PU 630 Enamel
APM PU 1000 Enamel
APM S201 Synthetic Zinc Chromate Primer
APM S202 KB-2 Red Oxide Primer
APM S210 Alkyd Enamel Undercoat
APM S220 Alkyd Enamel
APM S221 Aluminium Paint
APM Stoving Enamel

For Plastic

ProductSpecification DataSafety Data Sheet
APM AC 300 Plastic Paint
APM PU 600 Plastic Paint
APM PU 630 Soft Feel -74 Plastic paint

Industrial Paint Color Card

APM PU 522 and Epoxy Enamel Color Card

Customized Colors

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